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Renaming of the trail is to honor the dedication of Congressmen Bud and Bill Shuster who recognized the value of the trail and secured funding to complete the trail.
New North Extension Project to Bedford Heritage Trail!


The Shuster Way Heritage Trail Northern Extension PROPOSED TIMELINE.

Hopefully, bids will be competitive and within our $2,500,000 funding total.

  • Advertise Project: 12/23/2021 (Per PennDOT this can vary, but should be any day this week)

  • Open Bids/Award Project: 01/27/2022

  • Issue Notice to Proceed/Start Project: 03/28/2022 (This is an anticipated date and can be done earlier if everything is ready)

  • Complete Project: 06/29/2023 (This is a late finish date. The majority of the new trail will likely be done by Fall 2022. PennDOT has bumped the completion date in their system to the following spring in the event there are delays with the pedestrian bridge fabrication due to a potential steel delay.

We are also thrilled to report that the folks from Rutters have agreed to donate a portion of their land adjacent to their new Rutters store for us to develop into a boat launch project, as well as to authorize a BJMA access easement through their parking area to access the launch facility. We will begin working on feasibility, funding, etc. in 2022.


Heritage Trail Video from Oct 2015


On Tuesday, July 28th, the Bedford County Commissioners presented a $15,000 check to the Bedford Joint Municipal Authority for additional design costs associated with the Shuster Way Heritage Trail North Extension. These funds will help fund core borings and final bridge design for a second bridge at the Old Bedford Village entrance, which will separate pedestrians and cyclists from vehicular traffic on this new trail segment. Each PA County receives Marcellus Shale Legacy Funds to support local greenways, trails, and recreation projects. Pictured at the check presentation (l. to r.) are Mary Lorah, April Ressler and Brian Sell (BJMA members), Commissioners Baughman, Lang, and Dallara (holding check), Clyde Deremer (Old Bedford Village Board Chair, behind Commissioners), and Brad Koontz (BJMA member).

A development project by the Bedford Joint Municipal Authority.

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